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Gender Female
Origin Latin
Meaning "Small winged one" variants include adela, adelina, adelita, adellyna, adellyta, adelyna, adelyta, alaida, alda, aldina, aldine, aldona, aldonna, aldyne, aleda, aleta, aletta, alette, alidah, alidia, alita, allda, alldina, alldine, alldona, alldonna, alldyne, alleda, allida, allidah, allidia, allidiah, allyda, allydah, alyda, alydah, allidia, allidiah, allyda, allydah, alyda, alydah, dela, della, dila, dilla, elida, elita, leda, ledah, lida, lidah, lita, lyda, lydah, oleda, oleta, oletta, olette. alma

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