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Abdul-latifServant of the kind one
Abdul-majidServant of the glorious one
Abdul-malikServant of the master or king
Abdul-matinServant of the strong one
Abdul-mu'izzServant of the giver of might and glory
Abdul-muhaiminServant of the supervisor/guardian/protector
Abdul-mujibServant of the responder
Abdul-muta'alServant of the most high
Abdul-nasirServant of the helper/protector
Abdul-nasserServant of the victorious one
Abdul-qadirServant of the capable and powerful one
Abdul-qahharServant of the subduer/almighty
Abdul-quddusServantof the most holy
Abdul-ra'ufServant of the most merciful one
Abdul-rafiServant of the one who raises and elevates the ...


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