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Mac ailean
Mac alasdair
Mac an aba
Mac an bhaillidh
Mac an bharain
Mac an bhreatannaich
Mac an t-saoir
Mac an tsagairt
Mac artuir
Mac asgaill
Mac bheathain
Mac bhriain
Mac daraich
Mac ghille aindreis
Mac ghille mhicheil
Mac ghille-bhuidhe
Mac ghille-dhuibh
Mac ghille-dhuinn
Mac ghille-easpuig
Mac ghille-laider


Names and Meanings
Cachamwri - Legend name (a servant of arthur)
Yovela - Rejoice
Etlelooaat - Algonquin name meaning "shouts"etu
Alleffra - Cheerful
Mordrayans - Meaning unknown
Makda - Ethiopian version of hebrew magda, meaning "high tower"or "woman of magdala"
Onslowe - From the zealous one's hill
Rahni - Princess
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